Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Bear Lake Bailout Run

I picked up my 2014 pass today at the park and headed in for a run. Within a few minutes I knew it was not going to be comfortable, and after I gave myself a chance to warm up, and when my face and hands began to hurt, I headed back to the car. I didn't realize it was going to be that cold.

Heck, I ran mostly in shorts and a tee last week in Durango, with temps in the forties, but warmed by intense sunshine, radiating off warm rock and dirt.

When I got home the calculated temp with wind chill was below zero. No thanks, at least not in that clothing.

Distance was 1.43 miles, time 18:44 (moving 16:28), elevation gain/loss 91 feet, avg. pace 13:03 (moving 11:33), and best pace 8:36.


  1. I'm reading this just as I'm about to venture into the -15 temps with my sweet little doggie. She'll be dressed in her LL Bean field coat, though, not in a tee shirt. :)