Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Walker Ranch Loop x 2 Run

I finally got the Walker Loop double done. I'd tried a few times before but run out of time (typically a late starter). I did the calculations and figured I could do it. I headed out on a second lap with a full water bottle and headlamp -- just in case.

It was windy but sunny and 45-50 degrees, and any time I tried to wear anything with sleeves I was too hot. Occasionally I wore gloves when the wind kicked up.

This view had a 3-D verticality that you can't really see in the photo. There's a steep hill down to the creek, and multiple ridges and trees rise vertically, giving the sense of a wall of green:

I ended up negative splitting the loops, or at least close. First was 1:49:20, second was 1:37:28. Granted I took photos on the first loop. I got back about 4 minutes before sunset.

Distance was 15.89 miles, time 3:32 (moving 3:01), elevation gain/loss 3,147 feet, avg. pace 13:24 (moving 11:24), and best pace ~7:29.

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