Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday Clear Creek/Addenbrooke Runs

Lunch - Clear Creek Path. Wasted time in traffic and over-stayed my running a little more than intended since I wanted to keep it all within an hour. But still more relaxing than not getting out.

Distance was 4.23 miles, time 41:01 (moving 40:02), elevation gain/loss 66 feet, avg. pace 9:42 (moving 9:28), and best pace ~8:00.

PM - Addenbrooke Park, a few laps around. It was pretty darn windy, and I wished I had worn my cap, but it was too far back to the car so I just dealt with it. This park is supposedly open until 10 PM, but it has a gate, so to be sure I parked outside on a side street.

Distance was 4.18 miles, time 46:18 (moving 40:27), elevation gain/loss 73 feet, avg. pace 11:04 (moving 9:40), and best pace 7:31.

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