Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Bear Creek Lake Park Run

After a morning ski with an early return so as to avoid traffic, I went for a run. Skiing bumps took some energy out of the legs, but I figured an easy run might be doable, and I found some energy finally after about 30 minutes. What a beautiful day out.

The park had opened some of the south side trails since the flood, so I was on them for the first time since fall. No big changes, just kind of muddy.

Just like last time, the snow clouds started to fly in over Green Mountain (it may not be that tall, but I'm telling you, it has its own weather).

Apparently geese and horses are the only ones to have used this trail in a while:

Distance was 7.25 miles, time 1:34 (moving 1:17), elevation gain/loss 531 feet, avg. pace 13:05 (moving 10:37), and best pace 7:32.


  1. I definitely agree with Green almost having it's own microclimate. I tend to sleep on Bear Creek too much...such a nice/relaxed route.

  2. Great pics as usual!