Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Green Mtn Lakewood Run

After the morning ski I could not resist the great weather back home, so I went for a run over my neighborhood mountain/hill. It was a really hazy day, so whereas usually all the ridges blended together, this time every bump stood out in relief from the others. It made my little hill seem like a real mountain.

There was a group of riders summiting the mountain when I got up there. A blissful summit on a fantastic winter day, with the Front Range foothills behind us.

Distance was 8.63 miles, time 1:43 (moving 1:37), elevation gain/loss 1,490 feet, avg. pace 12:01 (moving 11:20), and best pace 7:04.


  1. Been following you for about 8 months, and these are the pics I've seen yet. Good work.

  2. Great stuff, couldn't have missed you by much time!
    "It made my little hill seem like a real mountain"
    I pretend that the little fingers of lingering snow on the Nordwand are couloirs!

  3. I love the pics as well, makes me look for more trail running so I can get similar scenery.

  4. Thanks folks.

    Mike - The Nordwand. Ha! I actually do wish there were some sort of cliffs or something steep, but that's what The Tables are for. I like scrambling up those cliff bands.