Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday Golden Bike Path Run

Looking for something different, I ran Golden's paved paths on Tuesday. The ghostly glow of snow-covered foothills loomed around me... this is a ridge near Mount Galbraith:

Running past homes I will never be able to afford:

Coors Brewing with South Table Mountain behind:

Distance was 6.16 miles, time 1:28 (moving 1:11), elevation gain/loss 383 feet, avg. pace 14:17 (moving 11:32), and best pace 8:00.


  1. Cranking open the shutter speed on this? Just curious.

  2. GZ - Shutter speed was on auto. The camera selected ISO-2000 and 1/20 second. The sensor is pretty good on that camera (Canon S120); I actually had to darken some of the images a bit!

  3. Did you say Coors Brewing????