Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Apex Park Run

Apex Park apparently re-opened after the fall floods. After work I stopped there to run the adjacent paved bike paths, but then I noticed that some of the mountain trails were back open, so I ran those instead. Upwards and onwards!

Still a little snow up there, but surprisingly dry. This is at about 7,000 feet.

Gee, I wish I'd brought my headlamp:

Right after taking that picture, I took a digger into dirt and sharp rocks. I hate that feeling of falling. My camera hit the ground and went skittering downhill, damage level unknown. I stood up, scraped on both knees, hands, hip. Thankfully I was wearing gloves or my hands would be scuffed as well.

At least the camera worked.

As I ran down, I could feel the blood dripping on my shin, and stopped periodically to wipe it off. The palms of my gloves were wet by the time it was over.

Funny thing is, earlier that day I thought "Well, my last scrape is just about healed, time for another one".

No sympathy please, I was a fool for not bringing a headlamp and paying attention :\

Bloody sock!

Distance was 5.57 miles, time 1:23 (moving 1:17), elevation gain/loss 1,210 feet, avg. pace 15:00 (moving 14:00), and best pace 7:50.

Tuesday AM, that left knee was bruised and moderately swollen to about twice its normal size. Not terrible, but worse than the usual abrasions. I didn't run on Tuesday.


  1. Ugh. I hate it. Pretty good gash if you got the sock wet.

  2. GZ - Yeah, simultaneously amusing and depressing. Not the first time, and not the last.

  3. Every now and then the mountain gods seem to demand a blood sacrifice.