Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday South Table Mtn Run

Spring was in the air. It was 65 degrees and still light out at 6 PM, so I did my first run on the Tables since late fall (?). I'm a pretty soft runner, but even I kinda miss that leg and lung-burning climb up towards Castle Rock from the street. Apparently many agreed; more people were out that I've seen since... well, fall.

I also like jogging up the notch in the cliff. Only then, I'm gasping for air when I'm on top.

The Tables have the best skies. Big, open.

Descending back into Golden:

Distance was 4.12 miles, time 1:01 (moving 56:42), elevation gain/loss 626 feet, avg. pace 14:53 (moving 13:45), and best pace 7:45.

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