Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Bear Creek Run

A bike path/singletrack run along Bear Creek. The legs were still really stiff after Sunday's run at Centennial Cone and Saturday's after-dinner sprints. My right hip did not like that.

So, I started out slowly, but got into it as my legs warmed up. Last mile was sub-8:00 which is fast for me. I can't comprehend the supernatural creatures that run 6:00 pace for their workouts.

Bear in mind that this is a run next to a suburban paved bike path, so there are condos and apartments along the path. It's not exactly wild, but if you stick to the dirt singletrack along Bear Creek you could almost believe it. Creek crossing number one had a sketchy bridge consisting of two small trees. It doesn't look like much but it's about 10 feet wide and a foot deep onto slippery rocks if I fall. But that's what makes it fun.

I was sad to see that my log bridge for creek crossing number two was totally gone as a result of the fall 2013 flooding. The huge fallen tree was sitting on the opposite shore, as if a giant had just picked it up and moved it. No more fun log crossings for me :\

A distant Mount Morrison from the golf course:

Distance was 6.27 miles, time 1:10 (moving 1:06), elevation gain/loss 95 feet, avg. pace 11:15 (moving 10:35), and best pace 6:29.


  1. I love trails that creek cross. The sound of the running water really gives me added energy. Unfortunately I only get those when we vacation up north. Great pics, couldnt even tell it was near housing developments.

  2. Richard - There are three crossings on this route and the creek is pretty good-sized (i.e. 10-15 feet wide, maybe a foot deep max). I stopped at the second crossing on this day, but in the summer it lends a sense of adventure to the run to wade through all three. Washing the shoes afterwards is mandatory.