Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Clear Creek Runs

I took advantage of the nice weather and got out at lunch for a quick 4 miles. I don't often break 9-minute pace for an entire run, but I did today. Perhaps I had Meb lifting my heels. No photos, I was busy.

After work, I ran mostly on paved bike paths, because -- unknown to me -- it had apparently rained this afternoon, and I didn't want to run through muddy muck on dirt trails. Therefore I drove home through Golden and jogged on paths.

Gravel trail right below US 6 in Clear Creek Canyon:

Water is getting noticeably higher in Clear Creek:

I'm not sure why I never realized this, but there is a path to climbing sites in the canyon along US 6. I ran up this trail today, then along the base of the cliffs until I got to what was obviously the main climbing area. Always fun to find a new trail. I think it's an old water canal.

Looking back east, you'd never know there was a large town at the end of the valley:

See the small white wreck to the lower left of center? That's a car. The road is several hundred feet up:

Noon run distance was 4.07 miles, time 36:35 (moving 36:17), elevation gain/loss 64 feet, avg. pace 8:59 (moving 8:54), and best pace 7:45.

Evening run distance was 4.03 miles, time 54:50 (moving 51:14), elevation gain/loss 269 feet, avg. pace 13:37 (moving 12:43), and best pace 6:32.

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  1. Two great runs, finding new trails is always awesome. Keep up the good work, keep in posting the great pics too.