Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Clear/Ralston Creek Runs

Two short runs, two suburban creek trails, noon and after work.

The noon run was a tad chilly (27° F), with a decent breeze, but sunny. There were tiny green leaves everywhere, perhaps too optimistically emerging in this early Colorado springtime. Some blurry green stuff:

Singletrack next to the concrete path:

Distance was 4.16 miles, time 43:45 (moving 42:12), elevation gain/loss 48 feet, avg. pace 10:31 (moving 10:09), and best pace ~7:05.

After work run (40° F), again on singletrack along the paved path:

I chased this giant Pterodactyl from its fishing spot along the creek 3 or 4 times before it finally got fed up and flew away for good. I wish I could see a Great Blue Heron up close, they are interesting birds:

Running along a berm next to a drainage canal:

Distance was 4.06 miles, time 42:31 (moving 41:11), elevation gain/loss 269 feet, avg. pace 10:28 (moving 10:08), and best pace ~7:00.


  1. Welcome to Earth. You may find it nicer than Hoth (where you have been staying based on many of your other skiing posts)

  2. I'm looking for something somewhere in between Hoth and Tatooine.

  3. Great pics, nice to see some green out there.