Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday Deer Creek/Hildebrand Park Run

On Saturday, knee swelling was down to about 130% of normal and the scrape was healing according to schedule. I had thought about a ski day, and that would have been ideal, but I got to bed too late and slept in. I was on the fence regarding the knee anyway, simply for comfort's sake.

Conditions were cloudy and with residual mud and snow from the week.

I ran up to Plymouth Creek canyon and then back down and across the road for a lap at Hildebrand, past the place that makes spaceships. It's a big open field with a little climbing.

Distance was 7.11 miles, time 1:31 (moving 1:29), elevation gain/loss 1,070 feet, avg. pace 12:55 (moving 12:31), and best pace 7:39.


  1. I heard Plymouth Canyon up is still a skating rink (site of my 5 blood-ridden falls about a month ago); the recent snow probably didn't help any. Glad your knee is healing and you're back out there climbing.

  2. Jill - It looked pretty nasty in the canyon, one reason I turned back there.