Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Elk Meadow Run

Funny, but on my way to Elk Meadow park to run, I passed a small herd of elk in an Evergreen residential neighborhood. It was a sign!

Eh, I don't believe in signs, but I ran there anyway.

This outing was snowy, cold, a bit breezy, and higher up than my usual runs (it topped out at around 9,100 feet). I was chilly as I got out of my car, but once I got moving it was OK, and I just enjoyed the falling snow and the solitude. I saw one biker on snow tires in two hours, that's it.

The snow on the trail was light near the bottom, but got deeper as I ascended.

There's a mountain top up there somewhere:

Heading up Too Long trail, the snow got deeper, with tracks nearly covered up by falling snow.

I pondered taking the out-and-back summit trail to the top of Bergen Peak, but was late in the afternoon and I wanted to get home, plus the wind was picking up.

On the way back down I spied some footprints crossing the trail. Someone had hiked up here with their dog, but those prints were covered by a couple of inches of snow. These were made within the hour. No claws so probably feline, but too small for a mountain lion. Bobcat? The tracks led out to a small outcropping, where the animal must have peered downhill, then turned and headed back up through the trees.

Distance was 8.38 miles, time 2:16 (moving 2:07), elevation gain/loss 1,759 feet, avg. pace 16:14 (moving 15:10), and best pace 6:40


  1. I am NOT showing this post to my friend. We were running up on Falcon Thursday night at dusk and she literally had an anxiety attack when she thought she "heard" something in the trees and then proceeded to email me about 40 articles about people being attacked by bears and other wildlife - over the past 20 years! I have my own fears with wildlife when I run alone - she (and you! :)) are not helping!

    I salute you for getting out in this crud today; looks like it's back to snowy/icy/muddy trails for while. Worse, my daffodils are all buried under 10" of snow. Bleh. The pictures are really pretty though....peaceful!

  2. Jill - I've only see the more reclusive types when they didn't hear me soon enough to run away. But, pays to be aware. The trail was really peaceful. Snow was great.