Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Beaver Brook Run

On Sunday I drove up to the Chief Hosa exit on I-70 and ran the Beaver Brook trail. It's pretty, hard, and the path less-traveled once you get past the first mile or so.

Down, down, down we go into the canyon.

Occasionally, the trail pops out the pine woods and onto open hillsides full of cactus and yucca, where it's like the desert. There are three hillsides like this: open and hot.

This was also the point at which I realized that hot weather was really here, along with sweating, and worrying about whether my water would hold out on long runs. I had decided I'd just run until one of my two bottles was empty, then turn around.

I overdid it on the run length, pushing beyond my water supply (even though I stretched it out until the end). I knew I was getting dehydrated when I started feeling like I wanted to go down to the creek and drink my fill of the cold water right out of the stream. Oh, how good that would feel! Then Giardia would set in...

Distance was 15.08 miles, time 4:30 (moving 4:15), elevation gain/loss 4,105 feet, avg. pace 17:56 (moving 16:57), and best pace 6:22.

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