Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday Clear/Ralston Creek Runs

Lunch run on Clear Creek, after work along Ralston Creek.

The weather was too tempting midday, and I wasn't sure if I would be able to run in the afternoon. A 60-something runner who was visiting his daughter joined me for a while, and asked what trails were around. We ran and talked a bit and he said it might be cool to run all the way to Golden and back. Amen, brother. He ran marathons and asked if I ran ultras. Must have been the backpack and the 20-hour GPS. "Occasionally", I answered, but of course it ain't races and it takes me forever and a day.

Clear Creek trail, with junk yards and construction companies to the left:

Ralston Creek path:

Lunch: distance was 4.54 miles, time 40:43 (moving 40:38), elevation gain/loss 72 feet, avg. pace 8:58 (moving 8:57), and best pace 7:11.

Afternoon: distance was 6.82 miles, time 1:09 (moving 1:07), elevation gain/loss 142 feet, avg. pace 10:13 (moving 9:55), and best pace 5:44.

11.36 miles for the day.

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