Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Flying J Ranch Run

3 laps in the cold rain. I would have gone for 4 laps, but wanted to get back home.

It was pouring rain at my place, so I had scoured weather radar maps and the only nearby gap in precipitation was up in Conifer, so I drove up to see for myself. Flying J is flat as mountain parks go, so I opted for a mellow outing.

The hills were in the clouds, and skies were dim. The first lap was misty with scattered light rain, but during the last two laps the rain turned on. Ah, well.

Distance was 9.19 miles, time 2:04 (moving 1:44), elevation gain/loss 794 feet, avg. pace 13:34 (moving 11:19), and best pace 6:05. Elevation 8.0-8.2k.

Despite the weather, there were actually two other runners in shorts (and nobody else). One guy did a single lap, but the other guy did two or three in a long-sleeved cotton shirt with no gloves. Brr. I put on a waterproof shell on the second lap, and thicker gloves and ear coverage for the third, and I was still cold.

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