Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday Green Mtn Boulder Run

I had not been to Boulder for a while -- twice since the fall -- so on Saturday I ran a loop that GZ did recently. I can't remember the last time I'd run this particular way, and it was something I could accomplish in time before the weather got ugly (the forecast was not great).

Also not having been to the trails north of Green since they opened after the flood damage, I was pretty shocked at what I saw. This is the first turn on the Mesa Trail, which used to be a quiet wooded area of trail with a stream through it:

I turned up Bear Canyon and made my way up a slightly less catastrophic mess of boulders. This is one of the smooth sections in between:

And this is one of the bad sections:

Again: I really like the new Green Bear. It doesn't even feel like you are ascending. I saw a runner with an orange hat running down through the woods that I imagined to be JV, but I have no idea. It just seemed like a JV thing to do. Heh.

This is Spotted Coralroot, a type of orchid:

I ran this loop at a steady -- but not hard -- pace, applying some of the learning from my winter runs: walk uphill if you need to, relax uphill, and keep a good pace on the runnable and smooth downhill sections.

I have to admit my quads were not happy by the time I headed down Gregory Canyon, which is sort of pathetic considering it was only 10 miles. But there are a lot of drops on these trails.

Distance was 10.74 miles, time 2:38 (moving 2:32), elevation gain/loss 3,089 feet, avg. pace 14:48 (moving 14:15), and best pace 6:02.

I saw that Saddle Rock actually has a ladder on part of the trail now! Must check that out.

When I got back home I realized George did the middle route down the north of Green, while I did the Ranger route. But it's all good. What a nice run.

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  1. Pic of ladder posted ... yeah, people grump about that grade going up Bear side of Green, but I find it pretty enjoyable.