Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday North Table Mtn Run

For some reason when I ran across the top of North Table today, there was a Rossignol "R" logo rising like smoke off a tree. In ski country, this may be regarded as a prophetic sign. Gear purchase in my future?

This was an easy run. More and more, I'm regarding my weekday runs as relaxation rather than any sort of endurance-oriented action. Maybe that's just because I'm busy right now.

Distance was 6.76 miles, time 1:18 (moving 1:15), elevation gain/loss 672 feet, avg. pace 11:37 (moving 11:09), and best pace 7:24.


  1. That photo of Castle Rock from the south is fantastic!

  2. Patrick - Thanks, I finally got a good picture after about 20 photos in which it looked like a big, dark blob. Heh. Persistence pays off.