Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Chatfield Reservoir Run

A slow ten miles at Chatfield, after rough mountain miles on Saturday.

I had kidded myself into thinking I was going to wake up early and do another high country mountain run on Sunday, but as the alarm started going off, my body begged for some rest. I got out in the afternoon for some easy miles on the plains.

Tons of Poison Ivy on the social trails near the Platte River. I had to avoid some sections and head out of the woods where it was drier:

Stormy skies were all around, but didn't really affect the run. Actually, I could have used rain. It was hot out there, pushing 90 degrees.

Distance was 10.23 miles, time 2:06 (moving 1:59), elevation gain/loss 274 feet, avg. pace 12:22 (moving 11:43), and best pace 7:30.

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