Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Devils Thumb/King Lake/Diamond Lake Trail - Part 2

Part two of my run on Sunday.

I had just ascended Devils Thumb Pass in about 20 minutes of steady hiking, and made it over to view the Grand Valley and the town of Fraser. Someone asked me how long it took, 90 minutes? Which was amusing since my watch had 3:25 on it already.

Looking back up at the pass from High Lonesome Trail:

There are a couple of miles of running over to King Lake. I fell short on calorie intake on the middle part of this run, so the traverse was rather slow.

King Lake:

There are a few nice pockets of wildflowers on the King Lake Trail.

I filtered some water, possibly badly. Meaning my filter was leaking plus I accidentally touched the water intake hose to the output, possibly contaminating my water. I flushed it and wiped it off, but if I suffer from a Giardia infection in the near future, I may know why.

At this point, my stomach was already in turmoil from insufficient nutrition and water. It didn't settle down until a couple of miles into the valley.

Eventually I recovered, and just tried to keep running and not slack off.

Finally I was descending away from the mountains back onto the Great Plains. Denver is in the background:

Distance was 19.24 miles, time 6:27 (moving 5:42), elevation gain/loss 4,357 feet, avg. pace 20:08 (moving 17:48), and best pace 7:01.

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