Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Golden Gate Canyon State Park Run

Weather was less than ideal this weekend (i.e. typical summer) but I resolved to run in the hill country anyway. The end result was, I spent some time retreating downhill when thunder came rolling in, and standing under pine trees waiting for the rain to subside.

I bought another annual CO State Parks pass on the way in, and it made me smile listening to the new folks at the counter asking about trails and such, thinking of the fun times I've had here.

On the spur of the moment I opted to run the east portion of the park this time, and head back up to Windy Peak. I had not been there in a while.

I took a detour up to City Lights Ridge:

For whatever reason rain and thunder were on a quicker schedule on Sunday, going from good to bad on a 45-minute to 1 hour cycle. I spent some time heading uphill, then retreating when rain and thunder blew in overhead. I think I tried 3 times to get up to Windy Peak.

At one point it got very dark.

Finally, running up past the cliffs on the roundabout route to the summit:

I ran Mountain Lion trail down off the top, then east down along the creek. This was probably the prettiest part of the run, so green. Thunder rolled overhead again, and rain followed soon afterwards. I hung out under the trees taking some pictures.

Then skies cleared again (was that the fourth time, fifth time?).

I got rained on again one more time on the traverse to the parking lot.

Distance was 12.12 miles, time 4:27 (moving 3:59), elevation gain/loss 3,047 feet, avg. pace 22:06 (moving 19:44), and best pace 6:55.


  1. Golden Gate is quite a jewel, and I feel it gets a bit overlooked with things like RMNP, etc. Good stuff.

  2. Agreed. I intentionally seek out those overlooked places; it's nice to have the elbow room :)