Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Green Mtn Boulder Run

I left my camera in the car on this run, so photos are courtesy of the iPhone. Thankfully it takes decent pics.

My run at the Longs Peak trail in the AM had been cut short by bad weather, so I had lunch at a pub in Boulder and then decided I needed another run to complete my day.

This is the first time I had run the Gregory Canyon trail after the Fall 2013 rainpocalypse, so I hadn't seen the aftermath. All the dirt had been scoured from the ravine, leaving only rocks.

From the summit of Green Mountain:

Looking back up at the top on the descent:

Soon after this I passed John Prater on a run up Green, racing against the setting sun.

A tiny Longs Peak and/or Meeker Peak from a distance. I was way over there in the morning:

Distance was 5.57 miles, time 2:06 (moving 1:58), elevation gain/loss 2,470 feet, avg. pace 22:47 (moving 21:21), and best pace 7:34.

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