Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Ralston Creek Path Run

Monday I was tired from the mountains. Tuesday and Wednesday I was tired from work. Thursday I was itching to run, but not really that motivated, but I ran anyway.

Not a great week from an exercise standpoint.

This is not actually the Ralston Creek path, but rather a road of sorts along an irrigation canal that abuts the path (the shadowy area in the lower right part of the photo is the canal).

I still like these offbeat places, even if one time I had to endure some crazy neighborhood residents firing guns at each other (blanks, I hope) in their backyard. That was kind of weird.

This is the Ralston Creek bike path:

Over the span of the couple of years I've been running this trail, I've seen a few "repeat offenders" on the bike path. There are two guys who walk after work from the rec center almost every time I'm out, and there is a woman and her kid on a bike who I've seen several times. Being a bit of a lazy runner (in terms of consistency at least), I salute people who are out there all the time.

I just like the fact that these folks get out there and do their thing.

Distance was 4.13 miles, time 47:25 (moving 45:23), elevation gain/loss 109 feet, avg. pace 11:29 (moving 10:59), and best pace ~7:37.

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