Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Three Sisters Walk/Bouldering

This weekend was not so epic as the last, but was certainly relaxing and I got up into the hills. As I drove up I-70 I happened to pass the lead pack in the USA Pro Cycling Challenge headed down US 40 and honked encouragement as they sped by. Sort of wished I had planned to be at the finish.

I've not been to Three Sisters for a while, probably since I ran Elephant Butte, and I can only claim it's because it's so popular and busy, and I don't usually do popular and busy. No other good reason. A beautiful place with a surprising number of trails through the woods.

I've had cramps in the calf since Antero, so I ambled along and played around in the rocks.

On top, gained from the east side:

The route down. I had a slight moment of anxiety coming down this section, since the rock was slick from use, and my shoes are not really suited to climbing. I have been contemplated getting some approach or climbing shoes, but my outdoor budget has been paltry lately.

It was fun, studying rocks in the woods, and finding ways to climb up them. Nothing I did was that hard, or required a crash pad, but there were definitely a couple of Gumby moves up rocks where I was hanging by my fingers unnaturally and my feet were at goofy angles. Is that class 4?

Thusly I hobbled around the rocks looking for good times. I'll save this wall for some other time when I know what the heck I'm doing:

This is a continuous strip of iron, lying at the base of a 25-foot pine. How did this happen?


  1. Cool area. Odd about that ring around the tree.

  2. Either someone tossed that iron ring around a sapling about 25 years ago, and it just sat there, or someone who was standing on top of the rocks in the first photo threw it down into the woods and got lucky. Total mystery. Lol.

  3. I haven't been to 3 Sisters in a couple years - thanks for the reminder I need to get back :). Very odd about the iron ring. One of those mysteries in life you'll never know what happened!