Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday Golden Gate Canyon State Park Run

It was Labor Day, so I "labored" over hill and dale in the Front Range foothills, to the tune of 3,000 feet of vertical. This was my first significant run since Salida, when I injured my left calf somehow, as it hurt for two weeks afterwards. I think it just got tight from four days of mountain running, and then got strained.

Muscles. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

So, a trail called "Horseshoe" doesn't allow horses? Since I was running over horse poo all day on other trails, and regard it as one of the local charms of CO :), I'm not sure why it is a problem on this trail.

This is a picture along the service road between the middle meadows and Gap Road. I could have sworn that this was Mule Deer trail, but I got to the end and found myself on the wrong end of a "Trail Closed" sign. What? I stopped by the Visitor Center later and found out they had re-routed the trail this year.

From near Panorama Point:

To the left of center, the high points of South and North Arapaho, where I had some fun recently:

Summer! Enjoy it,because it will be gone soon.

Near Bootleg Bottom:

The hard climb on Coyote trail over the ridge:

Descending on Black Bear trail:

My calf was bothering me from time to time, particularly on downhills like Black Bear, but I just walked until it calmed down. I think it was part tightness, part stress.

Fall is coming soon:

Distance was 15.58 miles, time 4:49 (moving 4:22), elevation gain/loss 3,105 feet, avg. pace 18:35 (moving 16:49), and best pace 6:54.

Whether this "easy" run was a bad idea or not will be decided tomorrow, based on whether I can walk on my recently-injured calf. I think it will be OK.


  1. We got to hook up for some GG together sometime.

  2. Sounds good to me, you got the family schedule, drop me a line. Thinking about the 50k again?

  3. Within the realm of possibility.


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